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Israeli Bride Convention

Erusin and Nissuin are the two main parts of the Jewish wedding service. Nissuin refers to the real marriage that occurs under the chuppah, while Esin refers to the ritual and ring festival. A betrothal lasts for roughly a year before the wedding, and it can only be ended by the groom’s father’s demise. […]

Fetish Dating Site

Fetish dating blog is a group that connects people who share a variety of intimate passions. They have a large community of users who may talk freely on their personal websites and share hobby photos and videos. Additionally, they have a discussion website where they discuss various kinks and obsessions. This website offers a portable […]

Minnesdag för rohingya fem år efter att våldet inleddes!

Fem år har gått sedan den stora vågen av våld mot folkgruppen rohingya i Myanmar inleddes. Nu utropar svenska rohingyaförbundet en ny minnesdag och kräver att dådet kallas för folkmord.  Publicerad: 25 augusti 2022 16. Fredliga och inkluderande samhällen I de bleka morgontimmarna den 25 augusti 2017 startade det som skulle resultera i att folkgruppen rohingya […]


MYANMAR – BURMA        FOLKMORD AV ROHINGYA- FOLKET Stockholm 25 augusti 2022 The Swedish Rohingya Association Deklaration med anledning av 5-årsdagen av Rohingyernas exodus från sin hemprovins Rakhine State / f d Arakan State i Myanmar förorsakad av en långvarig förföljelse sedan 1962 av denna folkgrupp och intensifierad med allvarliga skärmytslingar sedan flera år vilka […]

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A Muslim minority, “Natives of Arakan”, who lived in the independent Arakan Kingdombeforethe invasion and annexation by Bamar King Bodawpaya in 1784.“Rohingya did not come to Burma. But Burma came to Rohingya.”AMARTYA SEN, Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics“Muslims of Arakan (Rohingyas) certainly belong to one of the indigenous races ofBurma…. In fact, there is no […]

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SRA completed many Humanitarian projects in Rohingya refugee

camps in Bangladesh Since September 2017 The Swedish Rohingya Association(SRA) completed manyprojects in different Rohingya refugee camp in Ukiya Cox’s bazaar and TeknafBangladesh.Cash support:September 2017 The Swedish Rohingya Association distributed 500 000BDT cash forfood packet to more than 500 Rohingya arrival refugee cooperation with The Living HeartSweden.Food packet distribution:September 2017 The Swedish Rohingya Association distributed […]

Support The Rohingya Community With Proper Education In The World’s Largest

Support The Rohingya Community With Proper Education In The World’s Largest Refugees Camp in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh Rohingya community are recognized as the world’s most persecuted minorities by the United Nations (UN) .They have been getting persecution from the hands of Burmese genocidal military for many many years ago also rohingya are restricted from the […]